One Minute Melee - Megaman VS Sonic

2 Fighters! No research! 60 Seconds! MELEE!!!! Who would win between the fastest hedgehog alive and the blue bomber? Find out in 60 quick seconds!


In Dr. Eggman's lair, Sonic was running through trying to find the evil madman. Suddenly, 3 yellow dots flew right at him. Sonic slides under them and stops running to find who shot them.

Sonic: Who did that?!

Just as he said that, a robot wearing all blue walks up to him. It was Megaman, who was captured and reprogrammed to fight Sonic. Both of the blue heros stared at each other, then got ready to fight. Sonic charged his Spindash as Megaman charged his buster.


60: Sonic speeded right at Megaman, who shot his charged shot. The Hedgehog jumped over it and landed on the Blue Bomber, then started to spin-bounce on him. Mega activates the Super Arm, grabs Sonic, then threw him against a wall. Sonic got back up and did a homing attack on him, knocking Mega over, then grabbed his legs and threw him into a pile of trash.

50: Megaman climbed out of the trash and activated the Metal Blade. He then started unloading on Sonic, throwing dozens of them. However, Sonic was running too fast, and Rock couldn't hit him. Rock decided to activate the time freezing ability and, just as Sonic was about to punch him, time froze. As the Hedgehog was stuck in place, Megaman prepared to do a shuruken when the ability ran out of ammo.

40: Taking his chance, Sonic drop-kicked Mega away and started running circles around the robot. This created a tornado that threw Megaman around the place until he activated the Bomb ability. He chucked the bomb at Sonic, who dodged it but made the tornado disappear. Then, quickly activating the Hard Knuckle ability, he shot a fist that slugged Sonic right in the face.

30: With blood coming from the Hedgehogs nose, Sonic light speed dashed into Megaman. He then started throwing punches that where so fast, Mega couldn't keep track of them. Sonic finished up with an uppercut and flip-kicked him into the ground. The Blue Blur then spin dashed on Mega's body, causing sparks to fly everywhere. Megaman got back up and whistles, and a few seconds later Rush comes in and fuses with Mega.

20: Megaman fly's into the air and starts shooting fists at Sonic. Once again, he outran them, but one caught him off guard and knocked him over. The Blue Bomber then picked him up and flew across the ground, dragging Sonic with him. He then flew high up and threw Sonic into a wall, causing a pile of rubble. Just as Mega was about to leave though, there was a bright flash. Sonic then flew out the rubble. It was Super Sonic.

(10) Megaman started shooting Sonic like nuts, but they did next to nothing. (9) Sonic then grabbed Mega (8) and threw him into the sky (7). As Mega fell to the ground with a hard THUMP (6), he un-fused with Rush and Rush ran away. (5) As he turned around, he heard the breaking of the sound barrier (4) as a yellow light flew right through him (3). Mega stood there for a second, then (2) without warning, blew up into a bunch of parts. (1)


Sonic went back to normal and grinned.

Sonic: Hey, nice fight! But I gotta save the world real fast.

He ran away to find Dr. Eggman as Rush picked up Megamans head and headed to Dr. Lights place to get him repairs.


This Melee's winner is...Sonic!

Next Time

"You know nothing about the powers of the Dark Side."


"All Autobots must DIE!!"

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