Peach floated down on a umbrella. She saw Smaug.

Smaug tried to capture her, before being hit by a golf club from The Princess. Smaug, now infuriated got in a fighting stance



Peach starts by trying to hit Smaug with her gold club, but misses.Smaug then slashes at Peach, sending her flying into a wall of the moutnain where they were fighting. Peach threw some turnips, and ran under Smaug

Peach held up her hands below Smaug(she was underneath him now) and ribbons started flying out of her hands.

Smaug roared in pain and then fired a bladt, hitting Peach several times, but peach uses an umbrella to dodge on of them.

Smaug fires another fire blast, but is hit in the back by Peachs BUTT!

Smaug grabs Peach, but Peach has an idea.... Wings start coming out of her body...

She delivers a kick so strong, Smaugs hand came clean off.


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