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King Dedede vs Amy Rose is ahomeschoolingroudon 24th One Minute Melee putting King Dedede from Kirby against Amy Rose from Sonic.


Two hammer wielders go toe to toe in a 60 second duel!









King Dedede was in dreamland but then Amy Rose mistakes him for Eggman

Amy Rose: You!

Amy Rose flails at Dedede with her Piko Piko Hammer but King Dedede kicked her away

King Dedede: Hahah! I’m the king of this land! Try and attack me and you’ll regret it

Amy Rose: Then I shall whack that royal crown of yours right off!

Amy Rose sped at King Dedede

Nobody Blink!


Amy Rose whacked King Dedede right in the face knocking him down. But King Dedede jumped up and smashed his hammer at Amy’s back.

Amy Rose: Grr...

Amy Rose started spinning around, with her hammer out. She then rammed straight into Dedede but he was fine. King Dedede extended his hammer forward and hits Amy.

King Dedede: Hah!

King Dedede does the Super Dedede Jump and crushes Amy into the ground.

Amy Rose: I hate you!

Amy Rose bursts out of the ground and rapidly punches and kicks Dedede and hits him directly in the stomach with the Piko Piko hammer

King Dedede: Ach!

Amy Rose: Now it’s my turn!

Amy Rose backed up and got a running start and charged up a hammer swing. But King Dedede charged up a Jet Hammer and when Amy Rose began to swing she got struck by the Jet Hammer


Amy Rose got knocked straight into a mountain.

King Dedede: Hahah! Nobody messes with King Dedede!

This melee’s winner is..

King Dedede!


Amy Rose vs King Dedede

Amy Rose vs King Dedede

Season 3 Episode 4

(Sega vs Nintendo)


Amy Rose vs King Dedede is ZombieSlayer23's 4th OMM of his 3rd season. It's the battle of the hammers between the rivalry of Sega and Nintendo! Which hammer user will come out on top?

Pre Fight

Announcer: OHHH THAT'S GOTTA BE DEVASTATING! Little Mac and Ippo knocked each other out! Anyways, to our next fight! We have Amy Rose!

Amy came out of the shadows and started leaping into the air of excitement. Amy blew kisses to the crowd. The crowd went wild! Amy grabbed her hammer and waited on the stage. Could she fight someone that is way tougher than her? Could she be killed in this fight? Amy shuddered in fear and saw a figure emerge from the shadows.

Announcer: And here comes...

Amy gulped.

Announcer: KING DEDEDE!

Amy stopped in her fear. He was a penguin. A penguin vs a hedgehog. Wow. Amy would cream this penguin!

Amy noticed the penguin had a hammer. Just like Amy... This wouldn't be pretty.

Announcer: Let the fight begin!




Amy lunged at King Dedede and swung her hammer at King. King leaped backwards, dodging the hammer. King then grabbed a spiky ball and smashed the hammer into the ball, sending the ball at Amy. Amy charged her hammer and slammed the hammer into the ball. King also charged a hit with his hammer and slammed the hammer into the spiky ball. The ball flew high into the air, missing Amy. The ball bounded off of the ceiling and charged into the ground. The ball hit Sonic straight in the head, killing him. Amy's eyes fell into her hands, and Amy screamed in anger. Amy also screamed in anger and ran at King. Amy rapidly started punching King in the face, and then grabbed her hammer and slammed it into King's chest. King charged a punch and punched Amy in the face, but Amy looked like she wasn't even hurt. Amy slammed her hammer into King's face multiple times. King grunted in pain and tried to get Amy off of him. But Amy kept on slamming her hammer into King's face. King saw the ball in the crowd. King had an idea. King threw the hammer at the ball.

Amy: HA! MISS!

The hammer hit the ball, and the ball hit the wall. The ball the flew at Amy. The ball hit Amy in the back. Amy yelled in pain, and that gave King a opportunity. King lunged at the sides of the stage, and grabbed his hammer. The wall of the stage then flung itself forward, along with King. King slammed his hammer into the back of Amy's head, knocking her out cold.


King grabbed his trophy and smiled at the crowd. But their was someone familiar in the crowd... Someone he knew... The pink one.


This Melee's Winner Is...

King Dedede!

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