Backgrounder (244)


Who would win between Natsu from Fairy Tail and Ace from One Peice? Find out in 60 SECONDS!


Natsu is walking around unitl he sees Ace. Ace notices Natsu's ability to use fire and decides to challenge him.

Natsu: Are you sure?

Ace: Yes I am.



Natsu runs towards Ace and punches him several times with his hands of fire. Ace blocks the last attack and kicks Natsu, and then punches Natsu but misses. But missing makes several bits of fire burst out of his hands, sending Natsu flying.

Natsu then starts breathing out fire. Ace blocks some of it but then gets knocked down. Natsu jumps into the air and then kicks down with his legs on fire, but Ace gets up and blocks it.

Ace then upperscuts Natsu with fire which sends Natsu in the air. While he is flying, he notices Ace charging another one. Natsu gets out of the way. Ace runs towards Natsu and stabs him with a knife, damaging Natsu badly.

Natsu, who was angry then fires the Dragon Gods Brilliant Flame, burning Ace to ashes.


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