Who would win between the beast of Dragon Ball and the Big G Kaiju? ( This uses Hirudegarn's ultimate form)


Hildegran is rampaging on the Dragon Ball City, but Godzilla ran towards him and tried to punch him, but missed,


Hildegran and Godzilla both punched several times. Godzilla bits Hirudegarn's neck and breatsh his atomic breath, making a huge wound on Hirudegarn's neck. Hirudegarn roars in pain but then shoots fire balls from hsi mouth knocking Big G into a a building, causing the upper half to fly off. Godzilla runs towards him and tries to sweep him with hsi tail, but Hirudegarn disapaears and counters the attack. Godzilla, who was angry breathed his atomic breath, making Hirudegarn explode to bits. The Siayan's celebrate Godzilla's victory over Hirudegarn.


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