Domo-Kun is a former Japanese TV Network NHK mascot that has been around since 1998-1999. Despite the successes it had in it's Early, and possibly Mid-Days, Domo-Kun failed to keep up with many television series after nearly 10 years. Evan as he made it to the states as a Halloween Mascot of places like Target, and 7-Eleven as Domo, It did even worse than it did in it's late days in Japan. Domo-Kun was eventually cancelled even after a Manga adaptation in the states by Tokyopop was released. Ultimately, Domo-Kun amassed millions of fans, and was considered of of Japan's greatest, and most influential mascots of the previous decade...

Fanon Ideas so Far


In some areas of the western speaking world, Domo-Kun was shown on Nicktoons in some areas. However, out of absolutely nowhere, it just vanished, where as shorts like Mr. Meat on the same station, eventually became a full fledged series. However, it got cancelled almost too soon... Another known series, Making Fiends, was highly successful, even to old-school Nickelodeon fans, but got cancelled after what seemed like 6 episodes. Reruns no longer exist on that channel...

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