Who would win between the mascots of dead companies? Dante the Demon Hunter or Son the Hedgehog? Find out in 60 secs!


The Demon Hunter Dante was walking away from Vergil's dead body, when he saw a Hedgehog appear. Dante stared at the Hedgehog and said "You want to fight me?" Sonic replied "Yes".



Dante started firing bullets everywhere, sending Sonic flying around. Dante sliced his sword at The Hedgehog before he could run away. Sonic gets up and spindashes on Dante's back, making a huge wound. Dante, using his small amount of telekinese slammed Sonic against the ground. Sonic runs away easily and taunts him by saying "You can't catch me!". Dante uses the Bewoulf to make a blast of light sneding Sonic flying. Sonic makes a tornado and swirls Dante with it, allowing him to block his bullets with a sheild. Dante slices the shield open and kicks Sonic, and kicks him again.

Sonic gets up and runs away from the missles sent from Dante's missle launcher and impales him with a punch. Dante shrugs it off and stabs Sonic again, but Sonic turns Super and punches Dante repeatedly, and kicks his upper torso off.


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