• MP999

    I'm not sure if anything like this has been done on this wiki, but I'm drawing inspiration from the Death Battle fanon wiki. The purpose is to celebrate all the creative writing, and effort put into it, by members of this community, and to recognize the cream of the crop. Think of it as discount academy awards, only there's no statues, no academy, and no snubbing of WALL*E for best picture.

    Here's how I'm electing to run it. I have chosen ten categories for awards, and everyone can nominate up to two entries per each award. You are allowed to nominate the same battle for multiple awards, you are allowed to nominate your own battles, and you are not obligated to nominate a battle for every award. You also don't have to submit all your nomina…

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  • ZombieSlayer23

    This is the page where you vote for the characters you want to in in a battle in the Sky High Tournament. 

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  • ZombieSlayer23

    This is the main page for ZombieSlayer23's Sky High tournament, which pits 18 nominees from 8-10 different individuals and put them in a battle to either the death or knockout. 17 nominees will not succeed in this tournament, but only one will prevail. Who will it be?

    • Ness (Finnmcmissilecar)
    • Daredevil (Finnmcmissilecar)
    • Juri Han (Bloodstarz22)
    • Deadshot (SharowKaras)
    • Link (Bloodstarz22)
    • Sub Zero (ShadowKaras)
    • Vergil (SentryNeo)
    • Master Chief (SentryNeo)
    • Adam Taurus (ZackAttackX)
    • Jango Fett (KnivesFlyYouDie)
    • Woody (Ma19620109)
    • Knuckles (Ma19620109)
    • Yang Xiao Long (Sharon Shing Huang)
    • Sakura (Sharon Shing Huang)
    • Unknown (Peep4Life)
    • The Spy (KnivesFlyYouDie)

    * Ness vs Knuckles (Finnmcmissilecar vs Ma19620109)

    * Daredevil vs Deadshot (Finnmcmissilecar vs ShadowKa…

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  • ZombieSlayer23

    New Tournament!

    December 3, 2017 by ZombieSlayer23

    All right, another tournament! One tournament I finished, one I gave away, and one I lost interest in and I will try to get in to it again in time. This one I will try my hardest to completely finish, so yeah I am excited! For now, you get to vote for 2 people from 2 seperate series, and the first 18 players will be in the tournament! I think the reason I didn't complete one of the tournaments is because it was so big, so I am making the tournament 18 instead of 32 characters! So start nominating 2 characters now before someone else fills in your spot! 

    (I nominated 2 characters, but if 18 nominations are up and someone else nominates 2 people I will abandon my nominations and put that person's in)

    (Try to make the people characters I know!) …

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  • ZombieSlayer23

    So yeah, I am continuing the Chaos Craze Tournament as the title says. Anyone who was a character nominated, I would consider checking out the battles now because I have done every Pre-Fight for every fight. Hopefully you guys are into this tournament and will check out the battles when I complete them!

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  • ZombieSlayer23

    Guess Season 6 Battles

    November 15, 2017 by ZombieSlayer23

    Battle hints are posted on my user page, right next to the battles saying ??? is a Battle Hint giving a hint for that specific character being included in that fight. I did not do a Battle Hint for the Finale and Battle 6 because 6 is getting close for me to posting and the Finale will be a surprise, I haven't quite figured out the Finale yet but I know a specific character I want to be in it. Anyways, if you want to check out my user page and guess some battles, that would be nice.

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  • ZombieSlayer23

    I'm Back?

    November 11, 2017 by ZombieSlayer23

    All right, yes, I am back, but not as active as I used to be. I am aware I have had my issues in the past being immature, and I am going to try my best not to do that anymore. Anyways, I hope to be somewhat active and not get in any immature fights that I started.

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  • Nier Hitoshura

    I'm uploading the template on here in-case anyone want to use it.

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  • Boba gaming987

    What is to come

    October 16, 2017 by Boba gaming987

    Hello I will be making a match sale and battle on the wikis but the first one of my battles will be Michael J Caboose vs Nora Valkery

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  • John1Thousand
    • Cloud Strife vs. Erza Scarlet
    • Jinsoyun vs. Marta Lualdl
    • Naughty Bear vs. Hank
    • Reinhardt vs. Hakumen
    • Eve vs. Malthael
    • Goku Black vs. Raven
    • Roronoa Zoro vs. Zero
    • Chun Li vs. Tracer
    • Sailor Moon vs. Gilgamesh
    • Geese Howard vs. Monsoon
    • Black Manta vs. Nightcrawler
    • Bowser Jr. vs. Ramona Flowers
    • Metal Bat vs. Taskmaster
    • Shovel Knight vs. Serperior
    • Kankuro vs. Salamence
    • Scott Pilgrim vs. Lucas
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  • John1Thousand

    I finally got done with my first season of One Minute Melee and I feel that in celebration of this, I will do another tournament. After finishing up my first tournament the Master of Puppet Tournament, I left a hint on its main page, but I digress. Lets get to the requirements. This unlike the last one will be a 32 combatant duel where characters will fight to the death.

    • 2 per user
    • 2 per franchise this includes different timelines
    • No characters from previous tournament or first season. I want to try new characters.
    • Absolutely NO JOKE CHARACTERS!! I had a major problem last time and don't want a repeat. Also no real life characters like John Cena, youtubers like Leafyishere or memes like Spingebill.
    • To prove a character is not a joke you must h…

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  • John1Thousand

    Testing 1, 2, 3

    August 31, 2017 by John1Thousand


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  • Gold-sans mobile

    OK, so I have too many Blog Posts on the DBFW, so here is where I'm gonna answer questions. Just comment a question and I'll answer it sooner or later.

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  • Hipper

    This was inspired by Gold's reviews. Anyway, I shall be reviewing random TV Shows. Our first contender is the DKC Cartoon that aired in the 90's.

    • Characters - Most of the characters either come off as annoying or stupid, or sometimes a combination of both. There are some tolerable characters like King K. Rool and Donkey Kong, but that's about it.
    • Voice - Like the characters, most of the voices are very annoying. DK is an exception.
    • Plot - It's about the Kongs trying to defend a magical coconut from K. Rool. It's literally nothing like the video game, and it's more like a fan fiction. If you're gonna make a show about a video game, you should make your show plot similar to the game's plot. Sometimes the plot will be creative but for the most p…

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  • Gold-sans mobile

    Hello everyone, and welcome to me talking about random shit. Today we are talking about the obscure fight show, Fan War.

    Fan War, like most fight shows, is a lot like Death Battle: in each episode, the host talks about both characters, there's a fight animation, then the host explains why the character won. It's all really nessisary for a show like this. As for the quality...

    • Reasurch: More or less accurate. While he doesn't do as much extensive Reasurch as DB, he definitely does a better job then CFC. The results are mostly accurate, he gets a characters personality right, and overall does aa decent job. Although he does get things wrong sometimes, that can be excused.
    • Host: By far the worst thing about this. The host, 1FishMob, not only nee…

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  • TheOneLegend

    Tournament Archives

    August 3, 2017 by TheOneLegend

    With MP999's permission to do so, I'm creating a new Tournament Archives since MP999's pretty busy with stuff, and it relaxes the pressure of having to maintain such a monumental list.

    For now, none of the tournament match-ups will be not featured in the OMM Hall of Records, so I will remove them if any tournament match-ups show up. This blog was created to keep track of the various tournaments and the lucky, or unlucky depending on how you look at it, characters and individuals featured in them, so this will probably look very similar to MP999's Tournament Archives.


    Points are awarded based on the individuals' rankings, such as which Tournament Round they lost in, so here is the point system:

    • First Round Only (Top 32): No Points
    • Second …
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  • TheOneLegend

    Good and Bad News

    July 30, 2017 by TheOneLegend

    Let me get straight to the point.

    • I am now an Admin! This means a lot of things, but the main one is that I can now patrol this wiki for any rulebreakers!
    • Season 4 and Season 5 of my melees are planned!

    • This one pains for me to say, but... I am no longer going to be continuing the Shadows of Summer tournament. Lookng back on it, it was a mistake to start a mere month after my first tournament ended, and to be honest, I have lost all of my interest in it. Sorry to those who bothered to nominate characters into it, but I cannot continue due to reasons aforementioned above. Will I do another tournament? Not soon, but I'm not above it. Once again, I am sorry to those who participated and nominated.

    There, news done.

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  • TheOneLegend

    Thumbnail Shop

    July 28, 2017 by TheOneLegend

    I'll keep this simple, comment below two match-ups whose thumbnails you'd like for me to create. So, if someone requests say Batman VS Iron Man, Goku VS Sonic etc. I'll make them in my own time and send it to the commenter.

    REMEMBER: The limit is two per comment.

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  • TheOneLegend

    So... I'm already on my fourth season for my One Minute Melees already. So, I thought that YOU, the wonderful readers and fellow fanon-users of this website, deserve brief summaries of all of my melees! So here they are, starting with...

    Episode 1: Akuma vs Mr. Karate - My first episode! Street Fighter VS King of Fighters! Two evil and powerful martial artists collide to see who is the true Master of the Fist!

    Episode 2: Link vs Shovel Knight - Legend of Zelda VS Shovel Knight! While searching for the Tower of Fate, Link encounters the famed Shovel Knight and duels him for the greater good of the world!

    Episode 3: Sentinel vs Huitzil - Marvel VS Capcom! A Sentinel has gone rogue and destroyed much of a city. When it attempts to target a littl…

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  • RyMez50

    I have some news...

    July 17, 2017 by RyMez50

    So, my life is getting a bit complicated for tournaments, cause I'm moving soon, plus there are quite a few characters I don't really know anything about, so...

    I think I'm abandoning my tournament.

    Anyone who wants it can check this blog and take the fights to finish it, but I just don't think a tournament is good for me. I'm just gonna go back to the individual fights.

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  • Pikart767

    Letsa go

    July 13, 2017 by Pikart767

    So uh, in attempt to regain my writing skills on the Death Battle Fanon Wiki, and finish multiple of my fights...

    I'm going onto here and write some fights for ya all.

    Comment below your guesses on the matches (Some of them are really obvious, while others, not so much.)

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  • TheSoulofMelemele

    Multiple Fictional Worlds have collided into one. And not everyone can get along. There is a conflict plauging this world, making more and more people fight. Multiple heroes have set out to stop what this thing is, causing the conflict. Many villains are fighting to claim this power as their own. Among the many losers of fights, many shall die. As for the people during these first turn of events. These are the ones spotted...

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  • Finnmcmissilecar


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  • TheOneLegend

    For those for you who don't know, I'm currently running a One Minute Melee Tournament: The Shadows of Summer. To those participatingin it, I'm sorry to say, but I'm going to take a break from it and focus on other things. Simply put, I have school finals to do, a bunch of DEATH BATTLEs that I want to finish before the following school year and my creative writing for fights under a time limit has been drained to nothingness.

    Hopefully with me writing and finishing DEATH BATTLEs and doing other hobbies, I can regain my senses and come back to this tournament with awesome fights in mind.

    Again, sorry to those who're currently particiapting in my tournament, and sorry to those who're anticpating the next few matches. I simply don't want to writ…

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  • DraconianA

    All through the multiverse, an invite of sorts is sent out. These invites, which take the form of discs, come with a message: "If thou is a worthy fighter, hold this disc high and say that you are ready. You will be sent to a special place, a palace. You will be in a tournament, a multiversal tournament if you will. Fighters from across the multiverse, including you if you agree, will go round after round until either elimination or victory. Each match you win, you can either grant the loser mercy... or death. The winner of the tournament will receive a wish. It can be for anything you want, be it money, power, life, or anything. There is no limit at all. Again, if you wish to join, hold this disc high and say you are ready. You already go…

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  • TheOneLegend
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  • RyMez50


    June 5, 2017 by RyMez50

    So, I saw some people doing these on the wiki, so I thought, why don't I do my own, with my own rules?

    1. You MUST give me 2 characters from different franchises. If you want, you can give me a quotes of theirs too.

    2. Check to see if your character has been nominated already by someone else.

    1. If a character wins by 5 or less votes, they win via K.O. If they win by over 5 votes, the loser is killed.

    2. No creating more accounts just to vote for your character.

    3. If it's a tie, I decide who wins by author preference (It is OMM after all!). It's written in the battle as the loser being crushed by a rock that the mysterious figures had.

    1. Better pick a favorite between your fighters. Your nominees are fighting each other in Round 1!

    2. Winner of…

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  • TheOneLegend

    "To seek out and defeat your 'Shadow' is to conquer the very fears and emotions that have grown inside you to the point of helpless desperation. Best your 'Shadow' and you have truly found yourself. Defeated your inner demons. Accepted the fate given to you..."

    ???: Hmm... Let's do this one last time, blue orb. Get me the best warriors that you can find!

    The blue orb radiated light, though much fainter than the previous times. Despite this, within the orb, various pictures of worlds and their respective denizens were shown.

    Earth, somewhere inside a hideout

    ???: According to the timelines, you both have time to attend your Omnidroid's construction, as well as spend time unearthing the so-called 'Midnight Channel'.

    ???: Good to hear! You may go …

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  • TheOneLegend

    "I am a shadow... The true self..."

    ???: Time to finish the roster! Blue orb, do your thing one more time!

    As it's master and only user, the blue orb shined once more and filled the dark room with it's matching-colour's light. Within it, and very faintly, omages of several worlds could be seen, inhabited by denizens of all kinds.

    An island in the middle of nowhere

    ???: Dude, I don't care. Now shove off, before I punch you to the sky.

    ???: (irritated sigh)... Fine, be that way. At least it won't be my fault if the Master Emerald get stolen again.

    ???: Think a robber will get away with stealing this puppy?

    Knuckles the Echidna patted the massive gem embedded on a wide pedestal behind him. A confident smirk plastered on his face, the arrogant bipeda…

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  • John1Thousand
        • Spoiler Warning!!! The following spoils the results of the first two rounds. I recommend you read the battles themselves before reading this. Read at your own risk***

    The Mysterious man looked at his screen as the final fight came to an end. He saw Obito Uchiha walk out of an ancient ruin with Yagyuu passed out. He looked back at the remaining combatants as most of them had many battle scars and wounds. The Mysterious man thought for a moment.

    ???: Wounded warriors are always weak. It is time for them to get them rejuvenated and make my appearance.

    The man punches a button causing the earth to rumble as a giant structure emerged from the ground. The giant shadow loomed over the surviving members as mixted emotions from the 16 remaining comba…

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  • TheOneLegend

    "My world is a place shaped by human thoughts..." 

    ???: Hmm... who next? Maybe a God? A Demon? An idiot? Hehe... alright, blue orb, do your thing again!

    From the shadows of a pitch-black room, a blue orb stood atop a pedestal; it glowed until it filled the room with blue light, showing the silhouette of a spiky-haired person.

    Somewhere in Europe

    ???: Took a lot longer than I thought, but I got it! The Philsopher's Stone!

    Holding an ornate red gem with a white cross in the middle of it up in the air, Edward Elric grinned. 

    Edward: Alright, well, I better get going! And I better not see anything weird from here on out.

    The young alchemist headed out... and got lost. He eventually found himself in a dark forest, unknowing of where to go next. The Mo…

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  • TheOneLegend

    "It is said that if one would stare at the screen of a closed television, alone, at midnight during a heavy rain, one could see their soul mate."

    ???: Heh. Those punks are seriously stupid to think I would just reform and become someone new? Idiots!

    A shadowed person stared up at a massive pillar engraved with countless scars and ancient markings that appeared to be shaping words and sentences. With two katanas sheathed by their side, the person ran a hand up the pillar. 

    ???: So... this pillar can give me any power I want, so long as I can feed it worthy sacrifices? Then, you'll get your sacrifices, you big hunk of semi-useless stone! 

    The person patted their hand on the pillar, then walked away. Within a shady and perverted world where nearl…

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  • TheOneLegend


    June 1, 2017 by TheOneLegend

    Inside a starship, somewhere in deep space, time unknown

    "Man. When's the next bounty!?" Placing down a sizeable machine gun, Rocket Raccoon walked up to the pilot's seat, where Star-Lord sat monitoring the screen where digital boxes were displayed, showing several space sectors and lines of text. "Will you relax, Rocket? We literally just got away from a Sovereign fleet and you expect a bounty to just pop up?" Gamora, not too far behind and polishing her sword, berated him. "I am Groot?" Baby Groot looked to her and asked. "Nope, sorry Groot, but we aren't gonna go back to retrieve your encoder. Because GAMORA thinks that it's not important." Rocket told the wooden being, who sighed in disappointment.

    "Dude, check this out." Star-Lord tappe…

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  • TheOneLegend

    Slashed in two. That was the final fate given to Darth Maul, eveer after all of the battles he's fought through. He should've died eariler. given the nature of his alliance with the Dark Side of The Force. He should've died when he fought against the many squads of Naboo's royal guard. He should've died when he fought an electric rodent in a luchadore mask.

    No... Instead, he died fighting against a one-eyed man with two glowing, steel swords, which, to the Sith Lord's astonishment, were able to contend and match his dual lightsabers. Darth Maul has long since passed away; the last memory he could recall was watching the same man who killed him lose to some white-haired female with a rapier that could conjure various elements. His physical b…

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  • RyMez50

    So, I'm making an OMM Roster, and it's not done yet. While I'm making it, guess what the fighters' connections are!

    • Irving Du Bois (Phineas and Ferb) vs. Melvin Sneedley (Captain Underpants)
    • Ash Ketchum (Pokémon) vs. Newt Scamander (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)
    • Jay (LEGO Ninjago) vs. Sans (Undertale) (Anybody on DBFW could get it.)
    • Sanic (...) vs. Blonic (...)
    • Robin (Fire Emblem) vs. Harry Potter (...)
    • The Rest Are TBA!
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  • TheOneLegend


    May 28, 2017 by TheOneLegend

    Outside of Inaba, Japan, 11:55 AM, a couple of months after the events of Persona 4: Arena Ultimax

    "Are you troubled, Labrys?" From her left, a robotic and sisterly voice asked. "A little bit, Aigis" Labrys replied, keeping her gaze out the window of her side of the limousine. Having been granted off-days from her job as a Shadow Operative, Labrys was visiting the rural town of Inaba for some R&R, if that was even possible for an android girl. She disguised her mechanical limbs with with blue jeans, brown boots and a short, grey dress coat. Her hair was liberated from the knight's plume that had always been there, allowing her grey-blue hair to flow down her back without restriction. Aigis was also dressed to disguise, her entire body cover…

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  • TheOneLegend


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  • TheOneLegend

    Welcome back, everyone!!! How're y'all doing? Good? Wanna see your favourite characters battle for superiority once again? Yes? No? 




    -Give me a moment...

    No? Really? Well, sorry to say, but if you're reading this, then you're part of this tournament already. Got someone to nominate?




    Man, you're killing the vibe right now. Maybe I should stop giving you the option to choose your answer. I mean, what is this? Persona? Where you're a high-schooler fighting evil spirits with your very own guardian spirit? 

    Anyways, this is the page where you can nominate someone to fight in my second ever tournament! Rules are simple:

    1. No more than 2 characters from each fictional franchise known to man can be in the roster…

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  • MP999

    The trailer is finally here! Want to see the whole roster for my season three revealed? Take a last guess at who's who in the teaser, then get ready for a cheap windows movie maker mess!

    Who do you think is fighting who? What matchups do you look forward to? It all begins May 29th!

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  • MP999

    Unfortunately, Ryu isn't a combatant this season, but he's here to highlight my new winscreen! In his stead, we have thirty fighters from a wide variety of media and franchises; after many lineup changes, the whole roster will be revealed hopefully very soon as I finish putting the last few touches on the trailer. And the first fight should go down Monday, May 29th!

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  • John1Thousand
    • Joseph Joestar vs. Kenshiro
    • Daredevil vs. Blake Belladonna
    • Yamcha vs. Porygon-Z
    • Omega vs. Mega-Man X
    • Twilight Sparkle vs. Starscream
    • Enerjak vs. Broly
    • Corvo Attano vs. Connor Kenway
    • Finn vs. Lance
    • Genji vs. Jetstream Sam
    • Danger Mouse vs. Mega Monkey
    • Shulk vs. Shinji Kido
    • Zasalamel vs. Cenarius
    • Yagyu vs. Sakura Kasugano
    • Gaius vs. Roy
    • Jon Talbain vs. Etrigan
    • Homura Akemi vs. Bayonetta
    • Daroach vs. Reala
    • Kano Sazanami vs. Darkrai
    • Rainbow Dash vs. Princess Daisy
    • Kazane Aoba vs. Hibari
    • Maka vs. Hana
    • Captain Falcon vs. Harp Note
    • The Meta vs. Hanzo
    • Kitty Katswell vs. Tetsunoshin
    • Saxton Hale vs. Caboose
    • Edgeworth vs. Scarecrow
    • Biggie Cheese vs. Mulan
    • Karma Akabane vs. Maria Naruse
    • Anti-Venom vs. Spinal
    • Obito Uchiha vs. Gwendolyn
    • Claus vs. Bill Cipher
    • Labrys vs. Danny Phantom

    • Dare…

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  • TheOneLegend

    Trish Una

    May 20, 2017 by TheOneLegend

    Rome, Italy, 1:10 PM, 4 years after the events of Vento Aureo

    Amidst the bustling and humid streets of the former Roman capital, a young woman with sunglasses and a wide hat sat by her lonesome at a table located outside of a coffee shop. Dressed in a pink and yellow patterned summer dress and taking casual sips of latte, the woman seemed like any other, just enjoying another sunny day in the country of Italy. Several bystanders and walker-bys halted a little bit to gawk at the woman, but they would be shooed away when her masked eyes met theirs. Why would they do such a thing, you may ask? Well, they wanted to see if this woman was really who she was! The famed pop-star, Trish Una!

    Indeed, this woman was, in fact, Trish Una; she was spendin…

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  • Pure King of Rage

    MELEE Sale

    May 12, 2017 by Pure King of Rage
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  • TheOneLegend

    The Journey Ends.

    April 27, 2017 by TheOneLegend

    After a while, the elevator of light finally stopped and dimmed down, allowing Gordon Freeman to uncover his eyes and look forward. In the far distance, a spot of light taunted the scientist. With a deep sigh of weariness and exasperation, Gordon trudged forward, his hands waving in the air as free as they can be. His footsteps echoed in the darkness, his breath ragged and raspy, his suit's aesthetic unpleasing, his weapons possibly drained of ammunition and his mind just done with it all. He. Just. Wanted. To. Go. Home.

    His train of thought ran it's course in a circuitous and tortuous pattern of irritation and mild bloodlust as he walked towards the spot of light, which grew and grew the more he strolled along towards it. It appeared to be…

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  • TheOneLegend

    Fates Intertwine...

    April 23, 2017 by TheOneLegend



    In the aftermath of their respective matches, the two remaining Outsiders met in the most unusual way possible: Through a hole in the wall. With their respective opponents now buried in rubble and near-dead, both ARIA and Gordon Freeman stared each other down through the hole in the wall.

    "Another Human? Please." ARIA pridefully spoke, folding her bladed arm away and crossing her arms in disappointment. Gordon didn't speak, opting to step through the hole in the wall with his hands holding a bloody crowbar. The stained weapon rose an …

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  • Quangoi

    my Thunbnails

    April 22, 2017 by Quangoi

    Hey everyone, Quangoi here, and I've decided to create a blog contain all of my Death Battle Thumbnails. And in case you are wondering, yes I will be adding more.

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  • Wolverine-Man

    So apparently, someone named 9rdaley4 blatantly vadalized my Little Mac VS Yang Xiao Long fight by changing the outcome. He didn't even ask to make his own version of the fight, he straight up vandalized the page without a care in the world. Admins, please block this guy, cuz that would calm my anger down.

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  • TheOneLegend

    Paths Cross...

    April 14, 2017 by TheOneLegend


    One by one, the four most prominent Outsiders approach the towering skyscraper, ragged and tired.

    From the south, Weather Report calmly walked up to the door, allowing his Stand to forcefully open it with a electrical punch. He headed inside, his only goal to go up.

    From the north, ARIA used her Bass Drone to explode the entrance open, strolling into the building with huffed up pride and an adamant killer's instinct. 

    From the west, NiGHTS took the more treacherous path by flying into the storm clouds gathering at the peak of the gigantic building, easily beating the others to the top.

    Finally, from the east, Gordon Freeman stared up at t…

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  • ZombieSlayer23

    I am leaving for good on this website. School work is getting in my way and I rarely contribute anymore. Fights that I have not completed yet can get adopted. There is so much fricking drama right now on the DBF wiki and I am still trying to figure things out with... some very..... difficult users, such as Ezra vs Ahsoka, people took the outcome the wrong way. With that being said, the person that is being very difficult turned a fight debate into a completely different story and started with drama, such as "If you were reincarnated 1000 times, and me once, I would still beat you." and "kid"/"biased".

    And even when the admins took care of it, the diffcult user started talking about how biased I am on a page. Same with another guy, who basic…

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  • TheOneLegend


    Within the dark room of the Mysterious Figure

    A high-pitched and maniacal laughter escaped the Mysterious Figure's mouth, echoeing all through the dimly-lit room of many monitors. 

    "Just perfect! 32 have entered! Yet only 8 remain! Perfect!" The figure joyfully exclaimed, waving it's elongated arms out like a magnificent monarch. The monitors around it each displayed one of the remaining participants of the malevolent tournament. From a King of a country to a purple-clad spirit, the 'Outsiders' were weary and exhausted, their previous fights having drained them of energy, though more from some and less for others.


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