• Benattackw

    The Universal Tournament

    November 14, 2018 by Benattackw

    Okay I am going to do a tournament.

    "The Universal Tournament"

    Why the universal tournament?
    Because it will have characters from different universes, DC Universe, Star Wars Universe, DB Universe etc.

    • Thor 
    • Lloyd Garmadon (Ninjago)
    • Link (Legend of Zelda)
    • Sonic (Sega)
    • Anakin Skywalker (Compoiste)
    • Hulk
    • Flash 
    • Superboy
    • Jaina Solo (SentryNeo)
    • Luke Skywalker (Compoiste)
    • Goku (End of GT)
    • Pit (Endlesspossibilities 2006)
    • Mario
    • Percy Jackson
    •  Ichigo Kurosaki (SentryNeo)
    • Ezra Bridger
    • Spiderman
    • Roy Mustang (John1Thosand)
    • Fire Emblem (John1Thousand)
    • Superman
    • Harry Potter

    Thor does not have Odin's full strength,  he has the strombreaker and some odin force, like in the movie


    Lloyd from Season Five, he has all the Elements, and he can use the gold…

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  • Theultimatelifeform

    Mr. Game and Watch vs Pac-Man is the fourth episode of Theultimatelifeform's First Season of Blog One Minute Melees.

    Nintendo vs Namco! The year is 1980 and two characters of their time will rise up and aid in bringing the video game industry back on it's feet and into a new age with their cartoony physics and arcade music.

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  • Draconic Alchemist

    Yep, it's time.

    Time to reveal what characters will be featured in my third season!

    This roster is concrete, and will not change.

    Now is when you come in. What do you think the matchups will be. Keep in mind that I already revealed that the first matchup will be Billy and Jimmy vs. Axel and Blaze. Also keep in mind that, unlike last time, both fighters could be on the same side of the screen.

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  • Theultimatelifeform

    Weiss vs Asuna is the upcoming third episode of the first season of Theultimatelifeform's Blog One Minute Melees. 

    RWBY vs Sword Art Online! Two rapier-wielding heroines from popular franchises clash their blades!

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Okay sorry that the title may seem click baiting but on the show

    As you know before my announcement of that tournament that probably going to be shut down I had no work on here so the nonexistent amount of people told me what will I do after that Well here a fun fact Noting! Yay yeah but why easy I just want to do a tournament so yeah but to as real as I can be well *Medical reasons,school,and lack of work I want to do on here which I going to go in depth but since I too lazy* so yeah pop pop pop but it will just be a bit I will return however before I will I will use the term “retireding” I will do a bout to be a feeling like a season finale but the bout

    A modern cartoon Icon

    One I will do or at least finish after the tournament

    Vs a Classic …

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  • Draconic Alchemist

    You're ready for this, right?

    Ok, here we go, the first look at my third season!

    Any guesses as to who's fighting who, or who's left to be revealed?

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Okay I just going to do a tournament

    “What is the name”

    Um tournament of Fate

    “Boo That is a bad name”

    Shut up anyways as said the sign ups for this mediocre writer but any rules and twist why yes

    Rules For you just about two characters for each users About 64 characters No OC’s (obviously?)

    And the twist well at the end of each round a loser from one of the losers from the round will fight one of the winners and if they win then they will take there place (if I could do this)

    So with my low intelligence let’s do this I put my own while following the rules


    Lucario =

    And now the participants



    Roux Louka and Zeta Gundam (ZZ Gundam)

    Sonic the hedgehog

    Nathan Drake




    Bayek of Siwa


    Hibiki Kuze






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  • Bulborb channel 3

    My Winners

    October 20, 2018 by Bulborb channel 3

    1. Kirby
    2. Lloyd
    3. Akuma
    4. Captian Falcon
    5. Link
    6. Little Mac
    7. Sora
    8. Bowser
    9. Ragna
    10. Henry Stickmin
    11. Amazing Frog
    12. Zero
    13. Bart Simpson
    14. Mewtwo
    15. Samus Aran
    16. Sonic

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  • Bulborb channel 3

    My Loosers

    October 16, 2018 by Bulborb channel 3

    Thanos (Disintegrated by Monster Flame)

    Shulk (Vision dodged during Smash Monodo/Hit by Sonic Thrust)

    Princess Peach (Distracted by thinking about Bowser/Kicked away from umbrella/Kicked into the air/Launched into a mountain by Tatsumaki Kick)

    Captain Rex (Knocked unconsious by boulder/Slamed into the front of Blue Falcon/Hit by Falcon Punch)

    Batman (Caught in Triforce Slash/Sliced multiple times/ stabbed with Master Sword)

    Juri Han (Punched numerous times/Hit by Knockout Punch/Crashed into a boxing ring/Caused an explosion)

    Pinkie Pie (Stabbed in the face)

    Ridley (Missiles reflected/Knocked off screen by dropkick)

    Zero (Sliced in half)

    Jigglypuff (Sucked into a back hole)

    Wither (Disintegrated by rocket launcher)

    Axl (Stabbed through the back by Ice…

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  • Draconic Alchemist


    October 15, 2018 by Draconic Alchemist

    Oh, Friday!

    Thank God You're Here!

    You're better than Christmas

    You're my favorite day of the year!

    (Cryptic hints be cryptic.)

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  • Versus22

    Due to something that happened Recently on the DBX wiki

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  • Theultimatelifeform

    Shantae vs Lilac is the upcoming second episode of Theultimatelifeform's first season of Blog One Minute Melee.

    Wayforward vs GalaxyTrail! Two female mascots and icons of indie fantasy games duke it out to see who is truly the best.

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  • Theultimatelifeform

    Red Hood vs Revy is the first episode of Theultimatelifeform's Season One of Blog One Minute Melees.

    DC Comics vs Black Lagoon! Two dual pistol-wielding anti-heroes in a crime-infested city and screwed up pasts engage in a shootout!

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  • Draconic Alchemist

    “So, PR has prepared all the locations for the summoning discs. Are you ready to make your message, sir?”

    “Please, you shall not call me ‘sir’. You are just an employee.”

    “Should I call you ‘mister’ instead?”

    “Goodly enough.”

    “You’re really going to continue talking like you’re from the middle ages, mister? OKAY THEN! FILMING IN 5, 4, 3, 2-”

    As the fancy, extremely long and pointy sunglasses wearing announcer, Clark Parker (name being made clear by his name tag), says this, the cameras start rolling.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the return… of the most excitement the multiverse shall endure!”

    The figure speaking walks out of the shadows, revealing himself to be a floating man in golden armor: The Great Overseer himself.

    “Last year, I held …

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  • Draconic Alchemist

    “So, PR has prepared all the locations for the summoning discs. Are you ready to make your message, sir?”

    “Please, you shall not call me ‘sir’. You are just an employee.”

    “Should I call you ‘mister’ instead?”

    “Goodly enough.”

    “You’re really going to continue talking like you’re from the middle ages, mister? OKAY THEN! FILMING IN 5, 4, 3, 2-”

    As the fancy, extremely long and pointy sunglasses wearing announcer, Clark Parker (name being made clear by his name tag), says this, the cameras start rolling.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the return… of the most excitement the multiverse shall endure!”

    The figure speaking walks out of the shadows, revealing himself to be a floating man in golden armor: The Grand Overseer himself.

    “Last year, I held …

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  • Draconic Alchemist

    Well, first of all, that's DRACONIC A to you! But in all seriousness, when I named myself Draconian Alchemist (that's what the A was/is for) years ago, I was trying to name myself Draconic Alchemist, but auto correct changed it to Draconian... And made me think that Draconic wasn't a real word, and the word I was looking for was Draconian.

    I was wrong.

    So, I've changed my ussrname to what it was meant to be! That is all... Wait, no! Not yet! There is one thing that I need to tell you: you should probably come back on September 14. I won't explicitly tell you what it is for, but I'll just say this: come up with two characters by then.

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  • Datamari

    Vote for My Next OMM!

    September 6, 2018 by Datamari
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  • Mr top hat2

    Im not very good at making thumbnails but i am good at writing stories!

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  • Joshuakrasinski


    August 9, 2018 by Joshuakrasinski

    idk if i should do a tournament should i just asking

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  • Datamari

    (Click to see picture) Hey everyone!  I'm new to the One Minute Melee Fanon, and I'm more than excited to get my work out there!  I've already posted my first fight, Green Arrow vs Hanzo, so please go check that out if you haven't, and for that and any future fights, any and all advice and (fair) criticism would be appreciated.  Anyways, without further ado, here is the roster for the first season of my One Minute Melee!

    Can you guess the fights based on the select screen?

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  • Joshuakrasinski


    July 6, 2018 by Joshuakrasinski

    so i lost two images for my melee's they are

    • protoman vs shovel knight 
    • the angry videogame nerd vs danger dolan 

    so yeah if you find them let me know in the comments section

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  • SettleItInSSB

    Indiana Jones swings into action!

    Kirby puffs up!  You can see his battle right here .

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  • Joshuakrasinski

    3 more battles

    June 12, 2018 by Joshuakrasinski

    there are three more battles to go in season one of my melee's

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  • MP999

    Pages will for round one will be set up May 28th, after which voting will begin. Some refreshers on how the supervotes work:

    • A supervote gives an extra two votes to a character in a match, at the cost of them losing one vote in their next match
    • To use a supervote, comment the ticket on the fight page and declare who you're voting for
    • Only people who nominated can use a supervote
    • You can only use a supervote once
      • It doesn't have to be on your character
    • Supervotes can't be used after the final 8

    ALSO, I discovered a way to get multiple votes on one poll on here, so I'm switching to a different voting system to help prevent cheating: try here

    Any questions?

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  • MP999

    Theme of the tournament is Heroes vs Villains!

    For those who aren't aware, the way this tournament works is everyone nominates participants based on the rules below. They are then divided into a tournament bracket, where the winner of each melee is determined by fan vote!

    Nomination rules:

    • This tournament will contain 32 characters total
    • For now, everyone is allowed to nominate two characters, one hero and one villain
      • You ARE allowed to nominate both at once
    • Maximum of two characters per franchise (ie Mario, Marvel Comics), one hero and one villain
      • An individual is NOT allowed to nominate two characters from the same franchise
    • I reserve the right to reject "joke" characters at my discretion. I will accept characters like Dan Hibiki or Sokka, I will…
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  • SettleItInSSB

    The latest battle idea (still WIP as of 5/8/18) is a childhood battle between two builder icons. Unlike most melees, this one will be a building competition to see who will build the better fort. Both sides have unlimited resources and get to use the tools they use (Bob's vehicles, Manny's toolbox). Who are you rooting for? Check it out here.

    Yes, I did the overused rivalry match between two popular battle-royale franchises right here.

    For those who wanted a finished battle, Lightning vs Blaze is here as two red-hot racers race to the finish line. Did the character you want win? Find out here.

    Let me know what characters and/or matchups should be in future melees. Ciao!

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  • MP999

    I just finished probably the busiest semester of my career, so hopefully I'm back on track to writing for this wiki. Some of you may have also spent some time away, so I'm putting up this one week notice to be fair. Registration starts when I set up a blog on May 14th.

    The tournament shall be the Master of the Pendulum tournament, continuing my tradition of power metal naming, and this one will have a theme: Heroes versus Villains!

    Plus, there will be another, brand new, twist that I can't wait to introduce... mwah ha ha...

    If you have any questions regarding what constitutes a hero or villain for this tournament, ask now, but otherwise take the week to think of your characters. Here are some general guidelines.

    • The character used to be a villai…
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  • Draconic Alchemist

    It is finally time: I am ready ro reveal the full roster for my second season! (Click for full resolution.)

    Please, I would love to see your speculations as to who is fighting who in the comments. As a reminder, I already revealed that the first matchup will be Ryu hayabussa vs. Joe Musashi.

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  • Draconic Alchemist

    There, the all caps title should have gotten your attention. Anyways, another season 2 teaser. This time, it's an actual matchup, specifically the matchup that will start off the season. This is a matchup that I am suprised nobody has done already.

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  • Draconic Alchemist

    UPDATE: The matchup(s) featuring the Bioshock and Red vs. Blue character(s) is being pushed to a later season. Two new franchises are being teased instead.

    As we approach my second season, I would like to tease some things about it.

    For starters, for those who somehow didn't get it, the character that I teased in my previous blog post was Shovel Knight. I have a matchup for him that I am sure will be interesting, as it is actually somewhat meta.

    Second, I would like to tease 7 of the other franchises set to be included in the season's roster:

    • Warcraft
    • DC Comics
    • Blazblue
    • Mortal Kombat
    • Saints Row
    • Die Hard
    • Kraft Foods

    If you have any guesses as to what characters from each franchise are included, leave them in the comments. I will give everyone three gu…

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  • Draconic Alchemist

    So, since my Grand Multiversal Tournament is aproaching the semifinals, I figured that I might as well tell you all what's on my mind in terms of the wiki. Basically, I have learned my lesson. My next tournament will not be a season, and will run along side a normal season. I had originally planned on alternating between a normal season then a tournament season and rinse and repeat, but I realized something: droughts. Specifically, droughts of content. I have not been able to regularly have fights during a tournament season, leading to long droughts during voting and writing. That being said, The Grand Multiversal Tournament is still going to remain as season 2, while season 3 will debut after it. UPDATE: I changed my mind. The GMT will no…

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  • MP999

    MP999 To-Do List

    February 5, 2018 by MP999

    1. Finish my third season. Just a few more battles.

    2. I still have some unfinished bonus battles (Shao Kahn vs Sauron, She Hulk vs Hawkgirl, He-Man vs Hercules). They have to be finished pronto.

    3. A few other bonus battles to bridge the necessary gaps between the above.

    4. I'm thinking three more EX matches, at least before #5.

    5. Start registration for a tournament... possibly with a twist.

    6. Start my season four!

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  • Finnmcmissilecar




    Twilight Sparkle

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  • Finnmcmissilecar



    Gordon Freeman


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  • Finnmcmissilecar

    Darth Maul



    Tron Bonne


    Weather Report


    Disqualified and Punish with Caboose and Edgeworth

    Megaman X

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  • Finnmcmissilecar

    John Preston

    Johnny Cage


    Nora Valkyrie











    Sash Lilac

    Remilia Scarlet

    Fox McCloud



    Sakura Sada

    Millia Rage


    Geralt of Rivia

    Crow Armbrust



    Kano Sazanami

    Captain Falcon


    Connor Kenway




    Kitty Katswell

    Shinji Kido

    Bill Cipher


    Karma Akabane

    Joseph Joestar


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  • Finnmcmissilecar

    Pikachu Libre

    Darth Maul














    Tron Bonne

    Black Panther

    Gordon Freeman


    Yosuke Hanamura



    Weather Report




    Rainbow Dash




    Obito Uchiha


    Megaman X

    Mega Monkey




    Twilight Sparkle



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  • WowThatHurts

    I should check this wiki more often. I keep missing all these Exhibition Matches and never get a chance to nominate. I actually made it in time for a match, but I didn't know one of the commenters had already submitted a fighter for the previous match and didn't bother, so I'm going to try to submit in future matches regardless.

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  • Roymaster11

    Comment and nominate. yeah. You guys probably know how this works so....

    And one each

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  • John1Thousand

    • Akame vs. Kula Diamond
    • Raven vs. Red Saber
    • Infinite vs. Doomsfist
    • NiGHTS vs. Spyro
    • Homer vs. Eric
    • Gundam Exia vs. Zero
    • Chun-Li vs. Spider-Man 2099
    • Naoto vs. Batman Beyond
    • Aggron vs. Lucina
    • Kumatora vs. Ribrianne
    • Aizen vs. Bowser
    • Katsuragi vs. Murasaki
    • Caulifla vs. Machamp
    • Captain America vs. Akuma
    • Lucy vs. Ann
    • Vergil vs. Luke

    • Kula vs. Red Saber
    • Infinite vs. Spyro
    • Homer vs. Zero
    • Chun-Li vs. Naoto
    • Aggron vs. Ribrianne
    • Bowser vs. Katsuragi
    • Caulifla vs. Captain America
    • Lucy vs. Vergil

    • Kula vs. Spyro
    • Zero vs. Chun-Li
    • Ribrianne vs. Katsuragi
    • Captain America vs. Vergil

    • Kula vs. Chun-Li
    • Katsuragi vs. Captain America
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  • Finnmcmissilecar

    All One Minute Melee Tournament Combatant were entered in so far we have alot characters there four champions who won the tournament.

    Tournament Champions: Weiss Schnee, Ant-Man, Gordon Freeman and Labrys.

    Star Wars: Darth Maul, Vaylin, Jango Fett, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Fairy Fencer F: Ethel

    Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright, Edgeworth

    Okami: Susano

    Wonderful World: Duna

    One Piece: Roronoa Zoro

    Infamous: Delsin Rowe

    Mortal Kombat: Johnny Cage, D'Vorah

    Big Bang Beat: Kunagi Tenrou

    Pokemon: Greninja, Pikachu Libre, Hydreigon, Ludicolo, Silvally, Porygon-Z, Darkrai, Machamp, Aggron

    Darkstalkers: Bishamon, Lillith, Jon Talbain

    Devil May Cry: Trish, Dante, Vergil

    BlazBlue: Naoto Kurogane

    Crash Bandicoot: Dingodile

    Fist of the North Star: Toki, Rei, Kenshir…

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  • ZombieSlayer23

    Exhibition Match Note

    December 24, 2017 by ZombieSlayer23

    My EX Matches will be on the DBX Fanon and one of them is already up, go vote for a a character here!

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  • John1Thousand

    Hello, John1Thousand back. I would like to take this time to apologies to those that nominated characters in the Skull in the Sky Tournament. The reason I cancelled the tournament was because of my lack of interest and crazy first marking period of my senior year of high school. But for me making up I would like to make another tournament. This unlike the last one will be a 32 combatant duel where characters will fight to the death.

    • 2 per user
    • 2 per franchise this includes different timelines
    • No characters from previous tournament or first season. I want to try new characters.
    • Absolutely NO JOKE CHARACTERS!! I had a major problem last time and don't want a repeat. Also no real life characters like John Cena, youtubers like Leafyishere or meme…

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  • Joshuakrasinski


    December 17, 2017 by Joshuakrasinski

    hey guys this is an update and my first blog on here so i have decided to extend my my first season so yeah the reason 

    being that season 1 was being too short second if you have suggestions for melee's leave em down below just make

    sure if i don't know the characters to tell me the show they are from

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  • MP999

    I'm not sure if anything like this has been done on this wiki, but I'm drawing inspiration from the Death Battle fanon wiki. The purpose is to celebrate all the creative writing, and effort put into it, by members of this community, and to recognize the cream of the crop. Think of it as discount academy awards, only there's no statues, no academy, and no snubbing of WALL*E for best picture.

    Here's how I'm electing to run it. I have chosen ten categories for awards, and everyone can nominate up to two entries per each award.

    • You are allowed to nominate the same battle for multiple awards
    • You are allowed to nominate your own battles
    • You are not obligated to nominate a battle for every award.
    • You don't have to submit all your nominations in one co…
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  • ZombieSlayer23

    This is the page where you vote for the characters you want to in in a battle in the Sky High Tournament. 

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  • ZombieSlayer23

    This is the main page for ZombieSlayer23's Sky High tournament, which pits 18 nominees from 8-10 different individuals and put them in a battle to either the death or knockout. 17 nominees will not succeed in this tournament, but only one will prevail. Who will it be?

    • Ness (Finnmcmissilecar)
    • Daredevil (Finnmcmissilecar)
    • Juri Han (Bloodstarz22)
    • Deadshot (SharowKaras)
    • Link (Bloodstarz22)
    • Sub Zero (ShadowKaras)
    • Vergil (SentryNeo)
    • Master Chief (SentryNeo)
    • Adam Taurus (ZackAttackX)
    • Jango Fett (KnivesFlyYouDie)
    • Woody (Ma19620109)
    • Knuckles (Ma19620109)
    • Yang Xiao Long (Sharon Shing Huang)
    • Sakura (Sharon Shing Huang)
    • Unknown (Peep4Life)
    • The Spy (KnivesFlyYouDie)

    * Ness vs Knuckles (Finnmcmissilecar vs Ma19620109)

    * Daredevil vs Deadshot (Finnmcmissilecar vs ShadowKa…

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  • ZombieSlayer23

    New Tournament!

    December 3, 2017 by ZombieSlayer23

    All right, another tournament! One tournament I finished, one I gave away, and one I lost interest in and I will try to get in to it again in time. This one I will try my hardest to completely finish, so yeah I am excited! For now, you get to vote for 2 people from 2 seperate series, and the first 18 players will be in the tournament! I think the reason I didn't complete one of the tournaments is because it was so big, so I am making the tournament 18 instead of 32 characters! So start nominating 2 characters now before someone else fills in your spot! 

    (I nominated 2 characters, but if 18 nominations are up and someone else nominates 2 people I will abandon my nominations and put that person's in)

    (Try to make the people characters I know!) …

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  • ZombieSlayer23

    So yeah, I am continuing the Chaos Craze Tournament as the title says. Anyone who was a character nominated, I would consider checking out the battles now because I have done every Pre-Fight for every fight. Hopefully you guys are into this tournament and will check out the battles when I complete them!

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  • ZombieSlayer23

    Guess Season 6 Battles

    November 15, 2017 by ZombieSlayer23

    Battle hints are posted on my user page, right next to the battles saying ??? is a Battle Hint giving a hint for that specific character being included in that fight. I did not do a Battle Hint for the Finale and Battle 6 because 6 is getting close for me to posting and the Finale will be a surprise, I haven't quite figured out the Finale yet but I know a specific character I want to be in it. Anyways, if you want to check out my user page and guess some battles, that would be nice.

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