Arakune (Continuum Shift, Character Select Artwork)

Formerly Lotte "Roy" Carmine, Arakune as he is called now is one of the twelve original playable characters of BlazBlue Calamity Trigger. As a Human, Lotte had an inferiority complex to his Hero: Kokonoe Mercury. As he was trying to even get close to being as great as the Half Beastkin, he failed to study the Boundary, and was infected with mass amounts of Siether, transforming him to the bug-filled Black ooze-mass with bones for body parts he is today. While Litchi Faye-Ling has a perfect job understanding his mixed up speech, in his end in Continuum Shift's Arcade Mode explains anybody can decipher the language, if with enough talent as shown with Hazama.

Fanon Ideas so Far


In Calamity Trigger's Arcade Mode, his studies as Lotte "Roy" Carmine are what is shown mostly in his ending.

In Chronophantasma's Sector Seven Route, A black haired man is with Litchi, conversing about something. This may hint before Lotte became Arakune, the two were great friends, and now Litchi desires to return the favor, even if it means killing him...